• Make: SCAG Power Equipment
  • Type: Wheeled Blowers
  • Location:
  • 2244 W Morton Ave
  • Jacksonville, IL 62650

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Ready to roll when you are, the Classic Blower clears leaves and other debris away with ease and efficiency. With large pneumatic rear tires for easy rolling, this nimble and powerful machine is ready to roll when you are.

Product Specification Classic
Model LBC15-BS950
Engine Briggs & Stratton® BS950
Total Fuel Capacity 0.260 Gallons
Horsepower 6.5 HP
CFM Output 1,392
Electric Clutch n/a
Frame Construction All-steel, welded 10-gauge
Impeller Construction All-steel, welded, 4-blade, dynamically balanced
Impeller Mounting Keyed crankshaft, bolt with thread-lock
Impeller Diameter / Width 15" / 3.5"
Blower Housing Construction All-steel, welded, 10-gauge front and back housing plates; 12-gauge skirt
Blower Housing Width 4.5"
Blower Tilt Angle 2-degree tilt at discharge; allows blower to more effectively get under wet, heavy debris
Handlebar Tubular steel with thick, comfortable foam grip; 3-position, adjustable height
Vibration Control 4-point iso-mount handlebar
Discharge Opening 16 square inches
Discharge Control Quick-lever located near discharge
Discharge Angle Control n/a
Axle 3/4"-diameter steel
Front Wheel(s) 1.5" x 6" tire
Rear Wheels 4.10" x 3.5" pneumatic Turf Sale tires
Accessories n/a
Length 43"
Width 27"
Height 40"
Weight 105 lb
Warranty 1-Year Commercial; 2-Year Non-Commercial; 90-Day Rental
MSRP $1,194
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